Selling As The Seasons Change

Believe it or not, as the weather is worsening and the nights are (starting) to draw in, we have found that in Davenham and surrounding areas, the market is starting to pick up! The autumn market is often the next best time to sell after spring, and although it’s a little late, it feels like it’s on its way. Once stock levels start to increase, the market should really become active.

Many people are nervous to try and sell at this time of year, because they worry that they won’t find a buyer before Christmas, or if they do find a buyer, the pressure to move out of their home before Christmas will be too stressful!

Other sellers think that they should take their property off the market over the winter, to give it a ‘break’. And some people just panic about accommodating viewings amidst the chaos of the tree and the turkey and the presents!

Read on for some top tips about selling during the autumn and winter.


  • If you are only just putting your house on the market during the autumn/winter, make sure your photographs are ‘current’. It will look peculiar using summery photos, even if you are worried that your garden does not look its best right now. A good agent will wait for a sunny, dry day (we get some of the nicest ones in the autumn!) and then make sure everything looks perfect before launching your home to the market.
  • Although your garden may not be full of colour, as long as it is neat and well maintained, it will still attract buyers at this time of year.
  • Keep your house ON the market over the Christmas period. For many potential buyers, it’s a chance to switch off, browse the internet, and start dreaming of moving house in the New Year. If you leave your house on the market, it will leave it open for all those people who are just starting their search!


  • Make the most of the colder weather on viewings by making your home an appealing, cosy haven. Leave lamps on, light the fire, and have the heating on. Think about dressing beds with comfy blankets and create a charming atmosphere with candles.
  • For rainy days, be sure to invest in decent doormats for the front and back doors, and ensure that gutters are clear, to avoid ringing alarm bells with viewers when they overflow!
  • On icy days, make sure viewers have safe and easy access to your home.


  • Make your expectations about timescales clear from the outset. If you have holidays booked, children’s exams, or simply do not want to move at a certain time, make sure everyone is aware from the very beginning.
  • There is no reason that a straightforward sale should not proceed quickly, so choose a good conveyancing solicitor, stay organised, and communicate regularly.
  • Prepare for your onward purchase early too, have your mortgage or finance in place before you find somewhere to move to.