Why a sale board is always worth it

Some sellers don’t feel that a sale board is necessary, but we know that it can be a valuable tool when it comes to finding a buyer!

  • Having a board sends a message to buyers that you are committed to selling
  • It’s a way for viewers to immediately identify your property without getting lost, making the viewing a positive experience from the start
  • People relocating to the area will drive around first to get a feel for the location – a board is a great way to capture their attention
  • You can also attract people that don’t even know they want to move yet!
  • It’s a way for neighbours to recommend your home to others, and a great way to draw the attention of people who regularly drive or walk past your home
  • It provides confirmation of what buyers have seen on the internet. Plus if they can drive by and see your position, it may eliminate people arranging viewings just to end up dismissing the property due to its plot or location