What happens once I make an offer?

You’ve seen your dream home. You contact the agent with your offer… but you’re worried about what happens next?

Here’s a handy J Lord & Co guide!

  • Firstly, the sales negotiator will ask you all about your buying position.
  • If you have a chain, the negotiator will ring all the other estate agents involved to confirm the status of the chain and all the other buyers involved.
  • A good sales negotiator should also ask for a copy of your mortgage agreement in principle, or proof of cash if you don’t need a mortgage. We also ask to speak directly with your financial advisor.
  • The negotiator will then promptly contact the seller, and put forward your offer, along with providing them with a written ‘Offer Letter’.
  • A GREAT agent will put forward your offer POSITIVELY, and explain your position IN FULL!
  • If your offer is being considered, the negotiator SHOULD communicate this to you, and not leave you waiting and wondering!
  • If your offer is rejected, a GREAT agent will have a full discussion with you about the reasons for the rejection, and help and guide you to the next stage in the process.